Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Dwight is the weirdest kid in the 6th grade. like once the gym teacher asked him to go to the equipment locker to get a dodge ball. He didn't come back so she sent Lance to look for him and Lance found him beating on the door to the locker shouting "Squirrels! come save me!" when Lance opened the door for him, Dwight goes, "Oh, I thought it opened the other way. Another time a Native American visited their school to tell them about Native Americans. When he was finished Dwight asked, "What did you wear for underwear before Columbus brought regular underwear?" So it wasn't a surprise when he started wearing a little origami Yoda finger puppet all the time. At first everyone thought it was just weird Dwight but after the PTA fun night everyone asked origami Yoda advice. Here is what happened: Tommy and his friends where daring each other to go ask a girl to dance. Finally Kellen got Tommy to go ask Hannah to dance. When Tommy was walking over to her Dwight blocked his way "Better ask Origami Yoda first" "go away" said Tommy. Dwight shoved the little puppet in his face "Ask origami Yoda" "Fine" said Tommy."Whats your advice" "I don't have any advice" said Dwight but Yoda does." Then in he started wiggling the puppet and in this this high, weird, squeaky voice he says "Rush in fools do" "Whats that supposed to mean!" then Tommy's friend says "Yoda always mixes up  his words he probably meant Fools are in a rush. a second later a seventh grader grabs Hannah and kisses her. Tommy has put together a file of all the story's about origami Yoda. If you want to find out if he is real or, as Harvey says "A green Paper wad" then read The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger.

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Darla D said...

This sounds great - I will put it on my reading list, and maybe even get to it before we have to take it back to the library! :-)