Monday, August 10, 2009

Ottoline goes to school

Ottoline and Mr.Munroe

Cover of Ottoline goes to school

Ottoline lives in Apartment 246 in the P.W. Huffledinck Tower But everybody calls it the pepperpot Building because it looked like one.her parents traveled a lot and she had to stay home so she had someone to look after her. Mr.Munroe. He is a bog monster that came from a Norway Bog.Ottoline and Mr.Munroe were on a Walk and they were going to visit the turtles in the turtle pool.And when they got there,they met a girl named Cecily Forbes-Lawrence III and her cute little Patagonian pony Mumbles. One day Cecliy came over for tea and told Ottoline about her school The Alice B. Smith School for the Differently Gifted. Ottoline wrote to her parents and this is what it said

Dear Ma and Pa,

I think it is time for me to go to a proper school. My new friend Cecily Forbes-Lawrence III goes to the Alice B. Smith School for the Differently gifted and is very good at sipping tea. Mr.Munroe and I would like to discover our different gifts so we can help you in your collecting when we grow up

Lots of love,O

But when Ottoline gets there people are saying that the school is haunted. Is it or is it not haunted? I really like this book because He put a lot of animals in it.So if you like unusal books then you will love this book

Ottoline goes to School by Chris Riddlle

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walter The Story of a Rat

This book is about Walter (a rat) and Amanda Pomeroy (an old lady). Walter doesn't understand why everyone hates him. Walter really wants to make friends with Miss Pomeroy but is not sure how. Every night Walter sneaks into the library and takes one of her books to read but he always returns them before Miss Pomeroy wakes up. Walter is a very smart rat he knows how to read and write but he doesn't consider taking food from her kitchen and reading all her books stealing after all he always returns her books. This is one of my favorite quotes - it's sweet and sad:

From the time he was an adolescent, humans had thrown stones at Walter, shot guns at him, and repeatedly tried to poison him with some strange-smelling food, which he had been wise enough to avoid. They had kicked at him, screamed at him, and once - at the very sight of him - a young woman had fainted. Walter had never been able to understand the horror he and his relatives aroused in humans. These, after all, were the same people who kept hamsters and guinea pigs as pets. The same children who loved white mice. These were the people who fed squirrels in the park and walked tiny dogs on leashes. As far as Walter was concerned, animals were animals - all of them equally important.
If you like sweet books about animals then you should really read this one. And if you want to learn a little bit about rats, you will learn a bit here and here.

Walter The Story of a Rat by Barbra Wersba

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This is a book told in words and picture.Its about this boy who lives with his grandfather in the train station.His grandfather runs all the clocks in the station.One day his grandfather goes missing so now he has to run the clocks with out being caught by the station inspector.I relly love this book all though its really long and a little hard to read this is still one of my favorite books.If you like long, scary and exciting books then this is the book for you!
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

Surprises According to Humphrey

Humphrey's a hamster and a class pet who lives in room 26. He loves all the kids in class with him and he loves going home with them on the weekends. He also Has some silly problems that you and me know how to solve easily but hamsters are small and can't always do what we can do. There are 3 other books in the series I think this is the forth book. It doesn't matter if you read them in order though I had a little trouble figuring out that Humphrey was a class pet. If you don't like complicated then you should read the books in order. If you like funny and confusing books then you would definitely like this book.
Surprises According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friends award

Thank you so much Margo blogger of Bookworm Barista for giving me this great award Now I'm going to list seven of my favorite things and pass this Blogger award on to 7 bloggers!so let me see......

1.playing with my sister

2.Reading with my mom and sister(Lilyvine).


4.Harry Potter movies.


6.The Ocean


Thanks again Margo.

My First Blog Award!

Thank you so much to Kiirstin Blogger of A Book a Week for giving my blog this award.Now i'm going to list seven of my favorite things and pass this Kreativ Blogger award on to 7 bloggers!so let me see......

1.Reading GOOD books.

2.Playing board games.

3.Animals (all kinds).

4.My family(inclueding pets).


6.My friends


thanks again Kiirstin.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Mystery of The Green Cat

Adrian and Andy did not like the idea of a new mother. Their mom had passed away two years ago. Jill and Carol aren't too sure they're going to like it either. Mr.Dallas (Adrian and Andy's dad ) got married to Emily(Carol and Jill's mom). The house on the hill above them is a beautiful old mansion with two mysterious old ladies living in it. Jill feels a mystery floating about and wants to solve it. I was so excited to read this book because it's set in San Francisco and we're going to San Francisco next month!If you enjoy mysteries and exciting books then you will love this book. My mom also reviewed this one. You can check it out here.

Mystery of the Green Cat by Phllis A. Whitney

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I'm back!


i cant wait to start posting again

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New Blogger!

My 10 year old sister made a blog! Visit her at Lilyvine Pet Times. She shold have simaler books as I do. Thanks!

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I may not have time to post anythig this week because I will be in Florida


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mystery of the Pirate's Ghost

Abby and Kit are surprised to hear that their moms half brother had died and left them his house.His wife was taking care of the house.She told them that their family had a pirate in it and that its ghost lives in the house.Is their house hanted or is it just a tall tale? if you like ghost storys then you will like this book.I like this book because its exciting and scary!

Help me Mr.Mutt

This book is a series of letters to Mr.Mutt. A dog will write their problems to him and he'll give them a solution.Its a really fun book to read.If you like funny books and animals I think you'd really enjoy reading this book

Help Me Mr.Mutt by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ellie McDoodle have pen will travel

This book is about a girl named Ellie who is going camping with her annoying cousins. She mostley hates Eric. Can she survive a week with them.Its not really a story its more like a journal. The problem is her cousins think shes spying on them and keep on trying to take it.I like this book because its funny
Ellie mcdoodle have pen will travel by Ruth McNally Barshaw

Emmaline and the Bunny

Emmaline really wants a bunny she lives on shipshape street in a town called Neatasapin.everything is tidy in Neatasapin.her parents don't want her to get a bunny.But Emmaline really wants a wild bunny. I like this book because its about a bunny.
Emmaline and the Bunny by Katherine Hannigan

Skulduggery Pleasant

12 year old Stephanie Edgley's uncle just died. She's very surprised when she finds out her uncle left her his house for when shes older. She meets this mysterious man. She finds out that he's a living skeleton detective, and she wants to be his partner! I like this book because it's very scary.If you like mysteries I think you'd like this book.
Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy